[1] Working Group Service

I have served in two working groups for MIT and the UN. These include:

- "Learning Outcomes" subgroup member, 2022 - Present 

- "Off-campus Connections" subgroup member, 2022 - Present 

- "Energy Transition" subgroup member, 2021 [Link] [Report]

[2] Editorial and Referee Service

Guest Editor:

Editorial Board Member:

Referee service:

I have provided >145 peer reviews for 15 journals. See the verified record from my Web of Science profile here

[3] Selected Panel Service

I have served as the moderator/panelist in several conferences. These include, but are limited to the following:

- Co-chair, Integrated carbon capture and utilization (ICCU)

- Co-chair, Process integration, intensification, modeling, and artificial intelligence in carbon capture

- Co-chair, Session S2: Energy conversion and management #1

- Co-chair, Session S11: Energy systems modelling and optimization 2

- Co-chair, Session S16: Hydrogen and fuel cells

- Panelist & Speaker, Negative Emission Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation [Link] [Youtube]

- Moderator & Speaker, The Innovation Potential of the Energy Sector [Link] [Video]

- Panelist, Imagining the Carbon-neutral Future: Transformations in Energy and Transport [Link]

- Panelist, Entrepreneurship, Start-up, and Youth Leadership [Link 1] [Link 2] [Video]

- Panelist, Cognitive Diversity Virtual Ideation [Link]

- Panelist, Science Communication & Public Understanding [Link 1] [Link 2]

[4] Leadership Service

I have served in leadership roles in a couple of organizations. These include:

- Vice President, Aug. 2018 - Aug. 2021 [Link]

- Vice President and Treasurer, Sep. 2017 - Aug. 2021

- Web Manager and Book Editor, Apr. 2016 - Present [Link]

- Chief editor for the 136-page graduate school application guide - "A Story of 16 Fall XJTUers" (in Chinese) [Link]