[1] Web-based Writing

[VI] Cao X.,  (10/2023). My Utopia Institute is All About Impact and Interdisciplinarity [Opinion piece for Times Higher Education]. 

[V] Cao X.,  (09/2023). Addressing Climate Change at the Nexus of Technology, Business, and Policy [Blog post for Lindau Nobel Meetings]. 

[IV] Cao X.,  (11/2021). Impacting Climate as a Young Innovator [SDG Blog post for UN DESA]. 

Previous contributors include Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, and Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General.

[III] Cao X.,  (02/2021). Flourishing as a Minority in Higher Education [Blog post for Lindau Nobel Meetings]. 

[II] Cao X., Artificial Photosynthesis: Reimagining Waste Emissions (in Chinese). Science Pictorial. (2021). 7. 18-19 (In CN)

Science Pictorial, founded in Shanghai in 1933, is a popular science journal with the longest history and exerting the greatest impact in China.

[I] Cao X.,  (02/2018). A Highlight In Carbon Reduction [Blog post for Hart Energy]. 

Hart Energy, founded in Denver in 1973, is an energy industry publisher based in Houston.

[2] Policy Reports

[II] Cao X.,  et al., Theme Report on Energy Transition. UN Technical Working Group on Energy Transition. (2021). [PDF] 

Read more here: https://www.un.org/en/hlde-2021/page/technical-working-group-2-energy-transitions

[I] Cao X., et al., Emission Reductions. In Global Innovations from the Energy Sector 2010-2020 (Page 16). World Economic Forum. (2020). 16 [PDF] 

[3] Books/Book Chapters

[I] Cao X., Direct Air Capture - Business, Policy, Technology, Capital Expenditure, Energy Demands, Environmental Impacts.” Springer Nature (2024). (Forthcoming) (Editor)

[4] Journal Articles

(* denotes corresponding author, denotes equal contribution)

4.1 Journal Articles Under Review as First/Corresponding Author (Climate & Sustainability):

[III] Cao X.*, Wang M.*, Just, Accountable, and Equitable Carbon Dioxide Removal for a “Net-Zero” Future. (2024). (Proposal Accepted)

[II] Yang W.*, Tang X., Cao X.*, He Y., “Synergistic Intensification of Membrane Reactors for Hydrogen Production.” (2024). (Under Review)

[I] Xu Y., Dang C., Cao X.*, Cao Y., Huang J.*, Xu Y., Shan M., Liu R., Li P., Xu G.*, Zhu M., “Artificial Phytoremediation Solar Interface Evaporator for Efficient Heavy Metal Salt Separation and Saline Soil Remediation.” (2024). (Under Review)

4.2 Journal Articles Published as First/Corresponding Author (Climate & Sustainability):

[XIII] Dang C., Nie H., Cao X.*, Cao Y., Shan M., Zhu Q., Zhu L., Xu G.*, Zhu M., “System Integration for Solar-Driven Interfacial Desalination.” Device, Cell Press. (2024) 2 (100361) [PDF]

[XII] Dang C., Shan M., Tian E.*, Cao X.*, Xu Y., Shen J., Zhang T., Xiong J., Mo J., Xu G.*, Zhu M., Silk-crosslinked Polyester Fibrous Air Filters With Electrostatic Interfacial Mediation for High-efficiency and Low-resistance Air Purification. Device, Cell Press. (2024) 2 (100323) [PDF]

[XI] Li S., Feng Y., Li Y., Deng S.*, Cao X.*, Lee K.*, Wang J., Critical Review on Mobile Direct Air Capture (DAC): Concept Expansion, Characteristic Description and Performance Evaluation. Matter, Cell Press. (2024) 7 (3) 889-933 [PDF] 

[X] Cao X.*, Burton Z.*, Wang M., Advancing Equitable Climate Education. Matter, Cell Press. (2024). 7 (1) 4427-4430 [PDF] 

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[VIII] Zhou Y., Zhou Z.*, Sun J., Liu L., Luo F., Xu G., Cao X.*, Xu M., Ruddlesden-Popper-type Perovskite Sr3Fe2O7-δ for Enhanced Thermochemical Energy Storage. EcoMat (2023). [PDF] [Cover Image]

[VII] Yang Y., Yang W.*, Ma X., Tang X., Cao X.*, Performance Improvement of a Solar Volumetric Reactor with Passive Thermal Management Under Different Solar Radiation Conditions. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. (2023). [PDF] 

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[IV] Cao X.*, Sun W.*, Standardization, Accreditation, and Real-world Implementation of Photothermal CO2  Catalysis. Chem Catalysis, Cell Press. (2022). 2 (2) 218-220 [PDF] 

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[II] Cao X., Kaminer Y., Hong T., Schein P., Liu T., Hanrath T., Erickson D., HI-Light: A Glass Waveguide Based “Shell-and-Tube” Photothermal Reactor Platform for Converting CO2 to Fuels. iScience, Cell Press. (2020). 23 (12). 101856 [PDF] [Featured by Advanced Science]

[I] Liu X., Cao, X., Liu Y., Li X., Wang M., Li M., Branched Multiphase TiO2 with Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Activity. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. (2018). 43 (46) 21365-21373 [PDF

4.3 Journal Articles Published as First/Corresponding Author (Global Health):

[III] Cao X., Yvon S., Wang R., Ren Y., Srinivasan B., Hayden J., Zhao Z., Erickson D., Mehta S., A Diagnostic Platform For Rapid, Simultaneous Quantification Of Procalcitonin And C-reactive Protein In Human Serum. EBioMedicine, The Lancet (2022). 76. 103867 [PDF] [Issue highlight]

[II] Cao X., Kim J., Mehta S., Erickson D., Two-Color Duplex Platform for Point-of-Care Differential Detection of Malaria and Typhoid Fever. Analytical Chemistry. (2021). 93 (36) 12175–12180 [PDF] [Featured by NIBIB, Medical Xpress]

[I] Kim J., Cao X., Finkelstein J., C´ardenas W., Erickson D., Mehta S., A Two-Colour Multiplexed Lateral Flow Immunoassay System to Differentially Detect Human Malaria Species on a Single Test Line. Malaria Journal. (2019). 18 (313) [PDF]

4.4 Op-eds as First/Corresponding Author:

[XI] Liu J.*, Wilkinson C.*, Liu X.*, Wang M.*, Cao X.*, Revisiting ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’ of Science From Young Scholars. Matter, Cell Press. (2024). 7 (3) 715-717 [PDF] 

[X] Cao X.*, One Person’s Trash: Another’s Treasured Education. Science. (2023). 381 (6656) 384 [PDF]

[IX] Heim A.*, Bharani T.*, Burnette K.*, Konstantinides N.*, Powell J.*, Srivastava S.*, Cao X.*, Agarwal D.*, Waiho K.*, Lin T.*, Virguez E.*, Strielkowski W.*, Uzonyi A.*, AI in Search of Human Help. Science. (2023). 381 (6654) 162-163 [PDF] 

[VIII] Cao X.*, Ngetich G.*, The Need to Normalize Failure. Nature Reviews Chemistry. (2023). 7, 69-70 [PDF] [Featured by Nature]

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[V] Burton Z.*, Cao X.*, Navigating Mental Health Challenges in Graduate School. Nature Reviews Materials. (2022). 7, 421-423 [PDF] [Featured by Nature]

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[III] Cao X., Running a Muddy Road Lit by Burning Straw. Analytical Chemistry. (2021). 93 (48) 15803-15804 (Diversity and Inclusion Cover Art Series) [Editorial] [Cover]

[II] Cao X., De Luna P., Why We Need Scientists to Make Sustainable Policies. Matter, Cell Press. (2021). 4 (9) 2690-2693 [PDF]

[I] Cao X., Navigating My Way as a First-Generation Student. Matter, Cell Press. (2021). 4 (2) 332-335 (Most Downloaded in 2021, Top 10 in Feb & Mar 2021)[PDF]  [Featured by Nature]

4.5 Contributing Journal Articles Published (Selected):

[XVI] Tong Z., Xin J., Tong S., Cao X., A Graphics-accelerated Deep Neural Network Approach for Turbomachinery Flows Based on Large Eddy Simulation. Physics of Fluids (2023). 35 (5) 057117 [PDF] 

[XV] Tong Z., Yang Z., Tong S., Shu Z., Cao X., Investigating the Hydraulic Performance of Slanted Axial Flow Pumps Using an Enstrophy Dissipation-based Hybrid Optimization Approach. Physics of Fluids (2023). 35 (5) 057117 [PDF] 

[XIV] Tong Z., Liu H., Cao X., Westerdahld D., Jin X., Cavitation Diagnosis for Water Distribution Pumps: an Early-stage Approach Combing Vibration Signal-based Neural Network With High-speed Photography. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments (2023). 55. 102919 [PDF]

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[5] Dissertations

[II] Cao X., Light, Fluidics and Their Applications in Global Sustainability and Health. (2021). Ph.D. Thesis. Cornell University [PDF] 

[I] Cao X., Design of an Aqueous Particle Sensor (APS) for Optimizing Inclusion Removal by Bubbles in Tundish Operations. (2016) Master's Thesis. McGill University [PDF] 

[6] Selected Conferences

For the complete list, click on “Curriculum Vitae.”

[XIII] International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE), Virtual, 2021.

[XI] International Conference on Electrocatalysis for Energy Applications and Sustainable Chemicals (EcoCat), Virtual, 2020. (ePoster)

[XI] Energy Generation & Use Stream, ETP 9th Annual Conference, Virtual, 2020. (Best Presenter Award)

[X] Applied Energy Symposium: MIT A+B, Virtual, 2020

[IX] Photonics West & OPTO Conferences, San Francisco, CA, 2020 (MKS Instruments Research Excellence Awards)

[VIII] Nature Conferences on Solar Fuels, Wuhan, China, 2019

[VII] ACS Spring National Meeting, Orlando, FL, 2019

[VI] “Our Microbes, Our Global Health” Symposium, Ithaca, NY, 2018 (Third Place Award)

[V] Photonics West and BiOS Conferences, San Francisco, CA, 2018

[IV] Sibley Graduate Research Symposium, Ithaca, NY, 2018  (Drafting the Future Award)

[III] International Symposium on Energy Conversion and Storage, Nanjing, China, 2017

[II] ACLS International Summer School, Singapore, 2017 (Best Poster Award)

[I] 9th NYS Biotech Symposium, Syracuse, NY, 2017 (Best Poster Award)