[1] Journal Articles

1.1 Papers Submitted/Under Review:

[1] Lu Z., Cao X., Huang M., Mehta S., Erickson D., Highly Sensitive Platform for Rapid Aflatoxin Exposure Assessment." Under Review (2020).

[2] Cao X., Kaminer Y., Hong T., Liu T., Hanrath T., Erickson D., HI-Light: A Glass Waveguide Based “Shell-and-Tube” Photothermal Reactor Platform for Converting CO2 to Fuels. Submitted. (2020).

[3] Xu G., Yu D., Wang S., Zeng H., Cao, X., Xue W., Xiao X., Ge M., LeeLiu Y., Li X., Wang M., Li M., Fast Heat Transport Promotes Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Sulfur Batteries. Submitted. (2020)

[4] Cao X., Hong T., Erickson D., Engineering the Glass Waveguide Surface for Uniform Light Refraction. In preparation. (2020).

[5] Cao X., Liu T., Erickson D., A Multiphysics Modeling to Optimize A Photothermal Reactor for CO2 Reduction. In preparation. (2020).

1.2 First Authored Papers Published:

[1] Kim J.*, Cao X.*, Finkelstein J., C´ardenas W., Erickson D., Mehta S., A Two-Colour Multiplexed Lateral Flow Immunoassay System to Differentially Detect Human Malaria Species on a Single Test Line. Malaria Journal. (2019). 18(313) [PDF]* denotes equal contribution

[2] Liu X.*, Cao, X.*, Liu Y., Li X., Wang M., Li M., Branched Multiphase TiO2 with Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Activity. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. (2018). 43 (46) 21365-21373 [PDF] * denotes equal contribution

1.3 Contributing Papers Published:

[1] Zhou Z., Liu X., Li C., Cao X., Xu M., Seawater-assisted Synthesis of MnCe/Zeolite-13X for Flue Gas Elemental Mercury Removal from Coal-fired Flue Gas. Fuel. (2020). 262. 116605 [PDF]

[2] Wang R., Serge Y., Lu Z., Tablante E., Colt S., Cao X., Ren Y., Cárdenas W., Mehta S., Erickson D., Rapid Diagnostic Platform for Colorimetric Differential Detection of Dengue and Chikungunya Viral Infections. Analytical Chemistry. (2019). 91 (8) 5415-5423 [PDF]

[3] Zhou Z., Liu X., Xu J., Cao X., Zhu X., Elemental Mercury Removal over a Novel Starch-Modified MnOx/Bentonite Composite. Fuel Processing Technology. (2019). 187, 16-20 [PDF]

[4] Zhou Z., Liu X., Hu Y., Xu J., Cao X., Liao Z., Xu M., Investigation on Synergistic Oxidation Behavior of NO and Hg0 during the Newly Designed Fast SCR Process. Fuel. (2018). 225. 134-139 [PDF]

[5] Chang S., Cao X., Zou Z., Regimes of Micro-bubble Formation Using Gas Injection into Ladle Shroud. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B. (2018). 49 (3) 953-957 [PDF]

[6] Chang S., Cao X., Zou Z., Isac M., Guthrie R., Micro-bubble Formation under Non-wetting Conditions in a Full-scale Water Model of a Ladle Shroud/Tundish System. ISIJ International. (2018). 58 (1) 60-67 [PDF]

[7] Chang S., Cao X., Zou Z., Isac M., Guthrie R., Micro-Bubble Swarms in a Full Scale Water Model Tundish. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B. (2016). 47 (5) 2732–2743 [PDF]

[8] Chang S., Cao X., Hsin C., Zou Z., Isac M., Guthrie R., Removal of Inclusions using Micro-bubble Swarms in a Four-strand, Full-scale, Water Model Tundish. ISIJ International. (2016). 56 (7) 1188-1197 [PDF]

[2] Conference Presentations

[1] Photonics West and OPTO Conferences, San Francisco, CA, 2020 (MKS Instruments Research Excellence Awards)

[2] Nature Conferences on Solar Fuels, Wuhan, China, 2019

[3] ACS Spring National Meeting, Orlando, FL, 2019

[4] “Our Microbes, Our Global Health” Symposium, Ithaca, NY, 2018 (Third Place Award)

[5] Photonics West and BiOS Conferences, San Francisco, CA, 2018

[6] International Symposium on Energy Conversion and Storage, Nanjing, China, 2017

[7] ACLS International Summer School, Singapore, 2017 (Best Poster Award)

[8] 9th NYS Biotech Symposium, Syracuse, NY, 2017 (Best Poster Award)