INK Fellow

I have been selected as an INK Fellow by the Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation to speak about solar fuels in Jaisalmer, India. Related media includes:

BP Advancing Energy Scholarship

I have been selected as a BP Advancing Energy Scholar to attend the One Young World Summit in London. Related media includes:

Undergrad Mentoring

I have been fortunate to work with several undergrads at Cornell Engineering. Related media includes:

Forbes/EarthX/AACYF 30U30 Lists

I have been honored to be featured by several 30U30 lists. Related media includes:

Young Champions of the Earth Prize

I have been honored to be selected as a regional finalist for North America in the on-going Young Champions of the Earth Prize Competition by UN Environment. Related media includes:

Research Presentation

I have honed my research presentation skills by participating in various competitions/research talks. Related activities include:

Science Communication

I believe in the power of science communication in educating the public. Related activities include:

Entrepreneurship Involvement

As part of the Erickson lab culture, entrepreneurship spirit is what I believe will bridge the gap between research and real-world problems. Related activities include:

Community Engagement

I have a keen interest in outreach activities and community engagement. Related activities that I'm working on, or have worked on, include:

Other Activities

Below are other activities I have been involved with during my undergraduate study, and they include: